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    Does Diathermy Work?


    YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red vein, thread veins, broken capillaries and spikder neavi. It can also be used to treat milia and blood spots as well as skin tags.


    How Does Diathermy Work?


    Diathermy uses cauterisation to 'zap' visible capillaries, thread veins and spider neavi in the epidermal layers.There can be many causes of which result in damaged capillaries. Some common factors are sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. Rosacea may be an inherited factor and is not treatable with diathermy.


    Is diathermy suitable for men?


    Male skin is very prone to red veins, broken capillarys, , thread veins and spider neavi on the face. This may be due to outdoor activity ie running or playing sport outdoors or working outdoors. The appearance of the skin is greatly improved once the area is treated restoring a youthful appearance and added confidence.

What Happens During My Red Vein Removal Treatment?

The face is cleansed and a topical anesthetic may be applied to the area. It will take about 30 - 40 minutes for the area to become desensitised. The client is asked to lie down on a therapy bed in our comfortable treatment room. The skin is assessed and pressed to establish flow of blood. The diathermy device has a tiny needle-like point and this is used to gently apply a very low electrical pulse to "zap" instantly, the effected area. A slight sting may be experienced as the area is treated.

Is Diathermy a simple proceedure for red vein removal at Dublin Vitality Center?

The proceedure is best done by a professional who specialises in Diathermy Red Vein Removal because, it is the skill and training of the therapist which ensures the best results.

Is Diathermy Red Vein Removal Expensive?

No. Incredibly, this highly effective treatment is very affordable at Dublin Vitality Center because our nurse trained therapists specialise in this treatment and so they carry it out every day. That is what keeps the price so affordable at our clinic. Getting rid of skin tags, spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys is now an affordable and easy process, so if you want to completely get rid of them and have flawless skin again, try a simple treatment at Dublin Vitality Center. This advanced Diathermy technique can address a wide range of skin issues including skin tags, spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys.

How Is Red Vein Removal Done?

This non surgical technique is achieved by passing normal electric current through the diathermy device and converting it into HFAC or high frequency alternating current which then produces the heat. It cauterises skin tags, spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys and seals the bleeding vessels.

Are red vein removal results permanent?

Yes the treatment gets rid of blemishes permanently. Though quite effective, diathermy treatment does not prevent new ones from developing. The procedure is affordable and quick however, you can just get the same treatment for the new skin tags spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys you have. Diathermy delivers instantaneous results, healing just takes a couple of days to a week and after that there'll be no mark of where the skin tags spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys used to be…your skin will be smooth like before.

Is diathermy red vein removal suitable for men?

Men in general are even more prone to the appearance of spider veins, thread veins and broken capillarys on their skin. Unlike women, they cannot hide these marks with makeup so it can appear even more unsightly and noticable. Luckily diathermy is ideal for male skin. If the skin is extremely dry and especially for mens skin which is prone to shaving spots, we may first recommend one treatment of microdermabrasion to ensure that dead skin is removed and diathermy can be even more effective. Diathermy treatment is very popular among men for many reasons. It Works. It is inexpensive, easy, quick, effective and ensures little downtime.

Red Vein Removal Treatment Reduces The Appearance of Capillaries

Red Vein Removal Treatment Reduces Risk of Laser Scarring

Red Vein Removal Treatment is fast and effective

Red Vein Removal Treatment results in smooth youthful skin surface

Red Vein Removal Treatment be used closer to the eye than laser IPL

Red Vein Removal Treatment is gradual gentle natural treatment

Red Vein Removal Treatment is suitable for men & women of all ages

Red Vein Removal Treatment is a non-surgical face rejuvenation treatment

Red Vein Removal Treatment is a Progressive non-chemical treatment

What If I Have a Blemish but dont know what it is?

Make and appointment with your dermatologist? It is important to identify the skin blemish. Know what you're dealing with and get checked. Never attempt to have anything removed -- by yourself or by a professional -- without first getting checked. A thorough consultation from an experienced and expert dermatologist doctor will give you access to effective treatments. Since the cause behind the growth is not entirely known, save for heredity and possible contributing factors like HPV, some individuals may be prone to re-growth despite treatment.

Facial Red Veins, Broken Capillarys, Thread Veins**SPECIAL OFFER** OfferNOW €90 Diathermy - Nurse Trained Therapists *Blanchardstown Village Tel: 01-8201602

Where Do Red Veins And Broken Capillaries Form on the Face?

Linear Red Veins.  These red veins generally appear at the side of the nose and on they cheeks. They can be easily treated, usually with just one session and are the most common red veins.

Facial Milia - Small white spots on the surface of the skin. They appear as a spot under the skin and are common on cheeks and near eyes.

Spider Naevi often occur during pregnancy and more often than not resolve spontaneously within 6 months after the birth

Skin tags -- they are small, benign, and generally, not all that cumbersome -- unless, of course, you happen to be working as a swimsuit or cosmetics model, then they become quite the liability. You'll need these small, fleshy growths that appear to hang off of your skin, removed. Skin tags, also referred to as "barnacles" or "skin tabs," can be found at the base of the neck, on the eyelids, underarms, under the breasts, and groin folds. Some people, more than others, are prone to these growths. If you happen to be one of many, consider the following factors before getting your skin tags removed.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are just small growths of skin. Observe the appearance of the skin tags before removal. Skin tags are typically benign and have not been known to lead to cancer. However, bumps that bleed and/or are present with multiple colours such as pink, red, brown, or black, may require a biopsy. A doctor will help you rule out any underlying cause like skin cancer.

Choose a skincare facility that specilialises in diathermy

In Dublin, that is Dublin Vitality Center in Blanchardstown Village. Diathermy is an advanced technique that uses cauterisation to remove skin tags. The procedure begins by numbing the area with a local anaesthesia. The growth is then removed with a specialised diathermy device.

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What Is The Best Way To Remove Red Veins? | Diathermy Red Vein Removal | NOW €90 | Ideal For Men and Women | Broken Capillarys | Milia | Red Veins | Book Today 01-8201602 | Anti-Aging Skin Treatment