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Does Diathermy Work?


YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red vein, thread veins, broken capillaries and spikder neavi. It can also be used to treat milia and blood spots as well as skin tags.


How Does Diathermy Work?


Diathermy uses cauterisation to 'zap' visible capillaries, thread veins and spider neavi in the epidermal layers.There can be many causes of which result in damaged capillaries. Some common factors are sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. Rosacea may be an inherited factor and is not treatable with diathermy.


Is diathermy suitable for men?


Male skin is very prone to red veins, broken capillarys, , thread veins and spider neavi on the face. This may be due to outdoor activity ie running or playing sport outdoors or working outdoors. The appearance of the skin is greatly improved once the area is treated restoring a youthful appearance and added confidence.

Mole Treatment With Diathermy | Always Check With Your GP First.

If you have a mole or flat wart which you wish to have removed with diathermy, you will need to visit your dermatolist first to establish that the mole is benign. You cannot proceed with diathermy mole removal until your GP or dermatologist confirms that the mole is benign.

What Do Moles Look Like?

Common moles can be flesh-coloured, brown or darkly pigmented. With regard to pigmented moles, if removal is necessary, then there is one and only one treatment, and that is surgical excision. If pigmented moles are sites free of friction and ther is not evidence of any change, it may be considered wise to leave them alone.

Shaving With Facial Moles? What If they Bleed?

Pigmented facial moles in men who cut them whilst shaving should be removed. If the cuts are numerous it is advised to use and electric razor.

Removal of Flat Warts and Facial Growths.

Diathermy is an excellent method of treatment of many forms of non-malignant growth removal on the face. This includes large flat warts, moles, corns, telangiectases, flat naevi and senile warts can be most effectively destroyed and remove by this method of treatment.

Diathermy For Removal of sebaceous hyperplasia

Fine wire diathermy is the recommended technique for removal of milia, syringomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, acrochor- dons and pedunculated warts. It is now considered now effective, safe and consistent than IPL laser and can be used close to the eye, unlike laser.

What is sabaceous hyperplasmia

Once your doctor has diagnosed the benign growth as sebaceous hyperplasmia, this growth can be safely removed with diathermy.  Sebaceous hyperplasia is the most common benign sebaceous neoplasm, a benigh growth on the face which can only be diagnosed by a doctor.


At Dublin Vitalty Center, Mole Removal with Diathermy is only possible with a letter from you GP or Dermatologist. If the mole is dark, it is best not to disturb it under any circumstances. Surgical removal by a doctor is advised.







Red Vein Removal Dublin | Sabaceous Hyperplasmia | Flat Warts **SPECIAL OFFER** Offer NOW €90


Red Vein Removal Dublin | Sabaceous Hyperplasmia | Flat Warts **SPECIAL OFFER** Offer NOW €90