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    Does Diathermy Work?


    YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red vein, thread veins, broken capillaries and spikder neavi. It can also be used to treat milia and blood spots as well as skin tags.


    How Does Diathermy Work?


    Diathermy uses cauterisation to 'zap' visible capillaries, thread veins and spider neavi in the epidermal layers.There can be many causes of which result in damaged capillaries. Some common factors are sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. Rosacea may be an inherited factor and is not treatable with diathermy.


    Is diathermy suitable for men?


    Male skin is very prone to red veins, broken capillarys, , thread veins and spider neavi on the face. This may be due to outdoor activity ie running or playing sport outdoors or working outdoors. The appearance of the skin is greatly improved once the area is treated restoring a youthful appearance and added confidence.

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Park in Supervalu Carpark Blanchardstown Village. By foot, exit the gate at the back of the carpark through the footgate You are in a residential area. Turn Right. Dublin Vitality Clinic is no.48 (beside the physiotherapy clinic)


Gift Vouchers

Diarthermy makes a perfect gift. Ask us about our Gift Vouchers which can be purchased online and sent via email for your convenience.


Certified Diathermy Practitioners


We are trained and certified diathermy practitioners. Our nurse trained skin practitioners are highly trained to understand all aspects of your skin. We provide a unique anti-aging skin rejuvenation programme for men and women known as Vitalilty Living Method Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation.  Our cosy clinic is relaxing and atmospheric with aromatherapy and calming music to ensure complete relaxation during treatment.


Does Diathermy Red Vein Removal Work?


YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red veins and blemishes. Diathermy is an advanced technique which eliminates, individual, visible surface capillaries (thread Veins) and spider veins, on the face. Diathermy is the cauterisation by heat current, of the visible capillaries, which are in the epidermal layers.


Causes of Red Veins and Broken Capillaries


There can be many causes of these damaged capillaries … sun exposure, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. In some cases, fine skin texture and Rosacea may be an inherited factor.


Are the Results of Diathermy Red Vein Removal Proven?


YES, In its various forms of diathermy red vein removal has been used and preferred by surgeons for decades. Currently, short wave diathermy red vein removal methods are highly advanced, but the concept of causterising a vein is still the same.


How Does Diathermy Red Vein Removal Work?


The blood supply to the vein is inhibited causing the unsighly blemish to disappear.It is simple and inevitable. That is why this method has withstood the test of time, whilst others have come and gone through the ages. Qualified physicians and facial therapists agree on one thing. If you have small areas of broken veins or capillaries on your face, Diathermy Red Vein Removal is the most reliable, cost effective method of removal available to you.



Red Vein Removal Treatment Reduces The Appearance of Broken Capillaries

Red Vein Removal Treatment Reduces Risk of Laser Scarring Red Vein Removal Treatment is fast and effective Red Vein Removal Treatment results in smooth youthful skin surface Red Vein Removal Treatment be used closer to the eye than laser IPL Red Vein Removal Treatment is gradual gentle natural treatment Red Vein Removal Treatment is suitable for men & women of all ages Red Vein Removal Treatment is a non-surgical face rejuvenation treatment Red Vein Removal Treatment is a Progressive non-chemical treatment

Is Red Vein Removal Suitable for Men?

Male skin can experience red veins and broken capillaries. Infact, it can be more prone to them as environmental factors such as outdoor working and alcohol consumption are contributory factors. We specialise in red vein removal for men. We have a large amount of experience working with male skin and can recommend a course of treatment which will reduce red veins and removel wrinkles simultaneously. Treatment and cost considerations: If the area has extensive red veins, a course of up to 3 treatments may be required.

IPL LASER For red Vein Removal

The answer to that quetion depends on your skin. If your skin is sensitive, the use of IPL lasers may not be recommended. IPL laser treatment is expensive and uses excessive light which can be harsh on the skin. The results are not guaranteed or permanent. In sensitive skin, IPL may cause the following: Increased visibility of capillaries (may be temporary) Blistering Bleeding at the treatment site Hyperpigmentation Hypopigmentation Scarring

DIARTHERMY Red Vein Removal

Diarthermy coagulation does not use a laser. Therefore, the use of excessive exposure to light does not occur. Instead a very fine needle is used to isolate each vein or capillary and to cut off the blood flow so that it is no longer visible through the skin. .

What can I expect during Diathermy Treatment?

The clinician uses a little thin probe to puncture the area to be treated. The electrical current will then drain out all the blood, fluid, or similar that is in there. If it is a capillary, then the vein will be dried up and no longer visible. If it is a wart, mole, skin tag, it will shrivel up, scab, and essentially just fall off. You can use concentrated vitamin C and E to speed up the scab healing process, but it will usually take about 1-2 weeks. It is important to stay out of he sun during this time so it can properly heal. It is also recommended that you do a microdermabrasion facial treatment after Diathermy to really even out and smooth the skin.  The advantages Diathermy at Dublin Vitality Center Disposable needles using most advanced methods available Nurse onsite Comfortable private clinic Can target a very small specific area without effecting surrounding skin Excellent results instantly in most cases Ideal for male and female skin Diathermy can be followed up by micro needling for advanced over all facial rejuvenation and to reduce rosacea. This is available at Dublin Vitality Center It is fast, affordable, and effective


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Red Vein Removal Dublin | Diathermy *Nurse Trained *Blanchardstown Village 01-8201602**SPECIAL OFFER**€90