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    Does Diathermy Work?


    YES. there is no doubt that diathermy works to remove red vein, thread veins, broken capillaries and spikder neavi. It can also be used to treat milia and blood spots as well as skin tags.


    How Does Diathermy Work?


    Diathermy uses cauterisation to 'zap' visible capillaries, thread veins and spider neavi in the epidermal layers.There can be many causes of which result in damaged capillaries. Some common factors are sun exposure, alcohol, smoking, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. Rosacea may be an inherited factor and is not treatable with diathermy.


    Is diathermy suitable for men?


    Male skin is very prone to red veins, broken capillarys, , thread veins and spider neavi on the face. This may be due to outdoor activity ie running or playing sport outdoors or working outdoors. The appearance of the skin is greatly improved once the area is treated restoring a youthful appearance and added confidence.

Red Vein Removal For Mens Skin Dublin Vitality Center

Why is Diathermy So Popular With Men For Red Vein Removal On The Face?

In todays fast past world, there really is just one chance to make a first impression. That is why men are becoming more and more conscientious about their skincare. They want results and they want them fast. They dont want to spend a fortune in a clinic where they must return again and again. Diathermy fulfils all of these demands. It is fast , effective and it gets results. Downtime is minimal and the treatment can be repeated if necessary. Treatment is carried out by a qualified nurse therapist in a private and discreet health clinic. Skin is assessed there and then and the treatment is done on the day. It takes just 20 mins, afterwhich time the blemish is instantly removed. Redness may persist for a 24 hours but in most cases it is minimal and no more than if you had been working in the sun. Some flaking may occur but it clears in just 7 day.


Why Is Mens Skin Prone to Broken Veins, Broken Capillarys, Thread Veins, Spider Neavi and blood spots?

Firstly, the appearance of all of these blemishes are ultimately related to blood pressure as each capillary and vein is part of the blood circulatory system and therefore is influenced by blood pressure. In general , any activity which raises blood pressure can cause broken capillarys and veins to appear on the face. What activities cause broken veins and capillaries in mens skin?

What Causes Broken Red Veins on Face ?


The most common causes of broken veins, thread veins, blood spots and capillarys in mens skin are: Hereditary - sometimes its just part of the genetic makeup of a person. Outdoor activity - Exercising and working in cold or extreme conditions can lead to broken veins on the face Alcohol - alcohol raises blood pressure which effects the heart and circulatory system Smoking - Smoking can cause the skin condition to worsen Stress - Stress increases the pressure on the heart Shaving - exacerbate the condition particularly on the chin area.

What Should Men Do To Prevent New Broken Veins Appearing.

For many guys, a good skincare regime means that they actually wash and moisturise the skin. Newsflash, that is NOT a skincare regime. Because mens skin is exposed to the harsh effects of shaving, working outdoors and sometimes extreme sports, they should take extra care to ensure skin gets the nutrients it needs. That means starting with a proper skin care routine.

Tips For Male Skincare

If you're using plain soap and water daily...Or not even using soap...or maybe you're just using body-wash in the shower, its time to open your eyes and get you that "men look" you've been dying for...The appearance that attracts perpetual attention.

How Can Men Achieve Younger Looking Skin?

Dublin Vitality Center provides a complete Anti-Aging System which is extremely popular with men who are seeking anti-aging skin benefits without obvious signs of treatment. For men, it is extremely important to find a skin professional you can trust and one who knows and understand your skin. Find our more about our anti-aging skincare programme for men.


What Is The Best Skincare Product For Men?

One word. Discover Qian Baijia Skin Science. This product is favoured by men and has been used extensively in Sweden and Holland by men for many years. Below are some general men's skin care secrets which are going to propel your looks to the stratosphere. They'll have you looking younger for decades to come...

1. Get rid of soap and water. Men's skin care requires heavy-duty cleaning to put it plain and simple. The skin attracts a lot of dirt because our pores are larger. And men's skin is "sticky" Dirt, oil and particles stick to a man's face much firmer than with a woman's. Soap and water doesn't cut it when it comes to cleaning your skin.

2. Use a vitamin rich moisturising serum such as the skin science range found at Dublin Vitality Center.  Vitamin rich serum protects against wrinkles and lines. It's a vital anti-aging ingredient for your skin and an essential for men's face care.It is recommend to use Qian Baijia Skin Science, a highly specific serum which is extremely popular in Sweden and The Netherlands. This skin product range is exclusive to Dublin Vitality Center in Ireland and is very popular with men.

. Take care of your eyes with a specific eye serum such as Qian Baijia Happy Eyes.  Fine lines and wrinkles first appear under your eyes. For men's face care it's vital to have great eyes. A man's eyes are very important for attractive looks.

Drink lots of water and lastly use SPF 30 daily. Be sure your SPF has titanium dioxide such as the Qian Baijia Skin Science Range . Wear this daily for skin protection when working or exercising outdoors.





Why is Diathermy So Popular With Men For Red Vein Removal On The Face? Red Vein Removal Dublin | Spider Veins **SPECIAL OFFER** Offer NOW €90